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Gone Rural

Block Weave Basket - Turquoise

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The Block Weave basket is part of The Song of the Weaver Collection.  Based on stories told by Siphiwe Mngometulu from the Lavumisa region.  Women from this region use the Lavumisa weaving technique to create a strong, fine finish.

Gone Rural is a Swazi handcraft company inspired by women weavers, which uses creativity and design to ignite change on a community level through ethical, handmade products.  This company has grown to offer income to more than 780 rural women artisans.

These baskets can be used in the every day setting or placed on the wall as an interesting wall hanging.

Made with Lutindzi and Sisal grass.

Size: 31cm diameter, 4,5cm height

Care instructions: wipe with a damp cloth

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