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Alex and Thatch

SOUTH AFRICANS committed to working with natural materials to produce items that can be loved for a lifetime.

Lexi Rutherford’s appreciation for well made, functional leather accessories is evident in the careful stitching and considerate designs she produces. Lexi is a true artisan who loves to work with her hands and expresses her creativity in a way that allows others to feel that expression in the comfort of holding onto a well shaped, leather handle. Alex and Thatch add leather handles to their woven grass baskets, allowing for both longevity and comfort while handling them.

Individually designed and manufactured by hand in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the range offers eco-conscious, bespoke leather and woven grass products. The grass baskets are made from locally grown Lala Palm trees by a team of women who live within the local community.

Lexi is committed to upskilling members of the local farming community to support them in building sustainable livelihoods.