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Artisans Bloom Story

 Artisans Bloom is a concept that was conceived during a trip to South Africa in 2007.  As a New Zealander having moved to South Africa, seeing the South African lifestyle and artisanal trade as an on looker was fascinating.

The people are vibrant, courageous, tenacious and have a passionate way of living and working, which continued to be observed during further travels throughout Africa. Life in Africa is a love affair that happens against all odds; where the passion for storytelling, interwoven with local heritage and culture and alongside economic and political challenges is translated into works of art, functional furnishings and a new type of modern relic you feel the need to collect and keep in your own home.

In Africa the use of colour isn’t something determined by race or class but rather by a freedom of expression that crosses cultural boundaries, inviting in all who dare to be guided by their hearts and curiosity. These are the artisans who have a story to tell, who combine their determination, skill and passion into craftsmanship that we’ve been inspired to share with New Zealand.

Our hope is that you will leave this platform feeling a bit brighter, creatively inspired, and satisfied with a newly acquired item to occupy that interior space you’ve been searching to fill, in an unexpected yet beautiful way.  We strive to find sustainable and ethically sourced products that delight and inspire you. 

Love Susie