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Pop-Up Store, 23rd September - 23rd December

74 Highgate, DUNEDIN. Come and browse our authentically made African homewares and gifts.

African Homewares, Gifts and Lifestyle Goods

An Artisanal Marketplace inspired by the heartbeat of Africa.

Perfect gifts just arrived

Earrings and Rings made from discarded magazines - sustainable and beautiful!!

Light Shades

Hand woven light shades for your entrance hall, dining room or living room.

Screen Printed Cushion Covers

Baskets- handmade

Baskets for every occasion. Laundry, planter, toys, wall basket, storage baskets, shoppers and more...

Floor Mats

Hand woven floor mats made using sustainably harvested grass

Earrings and accessories

A range of gift ideas available. Uni-sex hats and toiletry bags, make up bags, purses and jewelry


Designer fabric available per the metre. Screen-printed cotton and linen. Use on soft furnishings, curtains, blinds and clothing.

We showcase artisans whose stories are woven into baskets and floor mats and sewn into the fabric of soft cushions.  Their characters shine through hand crafted light fittings, textured tableware and jewellery.

Let us take you on a journey of upliftment, spirit and design.

Quazi Design designs for sustainable change and social impact by transforming discarded waste magazines into original accessories and interiors.  Explore their range of jewelry on offer with further interior products arriving soon....