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African Handmade

We found African Handmade through the grapevine.  Talent is aptly named, he is passionate and determined.   A Zimbabwean man who traveled to South Africa in 2007 with no intention of staying.  After several years of new ventures from selling Zimbabwean crafts to starting a mobile bar service, Talent started selling Malawian chairs as well.  His passion for grass products grew to greatest lengths and he started stocking handmade grass home wares.

In Talent's words, learn about his journey here - "I met a lot of amazing women and designers who supported me a lot. My first baskets were locally made in South Africa, then l became interested in Southern African grassy products. I currently source products from South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Swaziland (Eswathini)."

"I had often wondered why some products were uniquely weaved and some weren't, so l did bit of digging and realised that people are uniquely naturally talented.  l chose my best weavers so l can inspire and guide them to create their best work.  l am grateful that l found a team who weave to the best of their abilities and our products stand above the rest made in Southern Africa."

"My worst fear is that there is not enough passing on of skills in African as a lot of children are growing up exposed to technology-based devices, therefore they do not pay enough attention to handwork and it is regarded as less important. My wish is for every school to have crafts as a basic practical subject that is compulsory so the skills are easily passed on, and those weavers that do not have formal education can teach children at an early stage."

Talent's determination to support his weavers and buyers at a high level is evident.  He operates from a rented garage in a central suburb in Durban and nothing is too much trouble for him. We look forward to bringing you products from African Handmade.