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Design Afrika

In 1995 founder Binky Newman returned to South Africa after 5 exhilarating years of living in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, where Binky worked closely with basket weavers.  Binky decided to live her passion - to assist the many rural basket weavers in Africa to get their beautiful products to the market.  She returned to Cape Town, South Africa to establish Design Afrika.  Since then, Binky's passion has taken her to many remote parts of the continent to track down little known basket weavers and to establish weaving groups.

Design Afrika's mission has been to revitalise the ancient craft of African basket weaving as well as provide additional income to rurally based craftspeople to support their independence and empowerment.

Although not certified with Fair Trade, Design Afrika follows Fair Trade properties.

Design Afrika ensures that the botanical material used is not endangered and encourage weavers to practice sustainable harvesting methods.The handmade
element is evident and celebrated across the range of baskets. Irregularities and creative inputs are encouraged and no two baskets are alike.