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As an artist and newly established citrus farmer, Irma Rooyen was immediately inspired by the seasonal farmworkers and their vibrant culture and wanted to get involved by creating an extra income for an otherwise rural woman and men.

Kaross was born with just 5 ladies sitting on a blanket – a ‘Kaross”- doing what they know and do best according to their cultural heritage.

Embroidery is a traditional skill for most Vatsonga and Northern Sotho people.

Kaross revived this skill by making it commercially viable and has grown into a South African success story that now employs around 1300 embroiderers in the Letsitele/Giyani area.

It produces a comprehensive range of premium quality products from placemats to cushion covers, handbags and wall hangings.

The Kaross Ethos:

Kaross Brings Creative hands Together

It is a platform for endless possibility

It is a Voice, a Home, a Covering, a Job and an


Kaross is fashioning a New culture

It is a culture of honest and hard work

It is a culture of perfecting our craft

It is a culture of getting the job done

It is a culture of Grace and Truth

It is a culture of making our country work

It is a culture of embrace; where we celebrate the fact that we are all equal, but not the same.